Robert Meyer Burnett, also known as The Captain, is a Pundit, acclaimed Film Director, Film Editor, Book Enthusiast, and Hot Toys collector who is a regular guest on Collider Heroes.

He is a former Innergeekdom Champion and was a member of The Four Horsemen until he left them to join The Lion's Den. He was also apart of Team Heroes with teammates Jon Schnepp and John Campea

The Collider Movie Trivia Schmoedown Edit

Burnett first appeared on the Schmoedown opposite teammate Jon Schnepp against Wolves of Steel, in a victory.

It wasn't until the 2016 Schmoedown Spectacular he made his singles debut in Innergeekdom Fatal Five 1, winning over competitors Ashley V. Robinson, teammate John Campea, Jeremy Jahns, and arch nemesis Hector Navarro. This made him the first Innergeekdom Champion.

Navarro coming in second guaranteed him a second shot at the belt with their first singles match Robert Meyer Burnett Vs Hector Navarro. Burnett lost his belt to Navarro in what is considered one of the best matches in history at 18 to 20.

Burnett appeared in the 2017 FREE 4 All, lasting an impressive 6 rotations and surviving 25 questions before getting eliminated by Sam Levine.

Schmoedown Appearances Edit

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