There have so far been 4 Seasons of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Season 1 was held in 2014 and was the first season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. It involved a premiere match between JTE & Cobbster and the 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown.

Season 2 was held in 2015 and involved the 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown.

Season 3 was held in 2016 and was the first season to be shown on the Collider Youtube page. It started with weekly matches in March when John Campea and Dan Murrell faced off in the season premiere. In September of 2016, two matches were now being held every week with the addition of the Tag Team league. Season 3 also involved 2016 Ultimate Schmoedown and the 2016 Schmoedown Spectacular. It featured a total of 8 Championship Matches during the season.

Season 4 was held in 2017. It premiered in January with a double featue with Team Heroes taking on Superhero News and William Bibbiani facing of against JTE. Season 4 involved the 2017 Free 4 All, the 2017 Collider Collision and two upcoming entries, the 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown and the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown. So far it has featured a total of 6 Championship Matches.

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