Match History Edit

Singles Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
12/16/16 Ashley V. Robinson Win by TKO
2/17/17 Drew McWeeny Loss
4/14/17 Loss 2017 Free 4 All
7/21/17 Brianne Chandler Win
9/29/17 Josh Macuga Win by KO 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
10/31/17 Brianne Chandler (II) Win by TKO 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
11/10/17 JTE Loss 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown
2/2/18 JTE (II)

Rachel Cushing

Loss #1 Contender's Match
4/13/18 Loss 2018 Free 4 All
4/27/18 Clarke Wolfe Loss in SD #1 Contender's Match

Team Matches Edit

"DC Movie News"

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
6/13/17 Cinemablend (Eric Eisenberg & Conner Schwerdtfeger) Win
8/24/17 Six Degrees (Brianne Chandler & Stacy Howard) Win by KO 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
9/6/17 Above the Line (Samm Levine & Drew McWeeny) Loss 2017 Ultimate Team Schmoedown
12/1/17 Top That (Jim Vejvoda & Eric Goldman) Loss
5/22/18 Team Action (Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai) Loss

Inner Geekdom Edit

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
6/6/17 Charley Feldman

Coy Jandreau

Erika Ishii

Emma Fyffe

Loss (2nd)
8/1/17 Rachel Cushing Loss