Jonathan D. "Jon" Schnepp (born May 16, 1967) is a host and contributor on Collider Video. He appears regularly on Movie Talk and Nightmares, and hosts Heroes each week.


Schnepp joined AMC Movie Talk in 2013, and moved to Collider once the show was picked up.

Schmoedown Edit

Jon has competed in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as a member of two teams well as in singles.

In the 2015 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament, Schnepp teamed with Dennis Tzeng to form Team Collider. They defeated Team Sourcefed in the 1st round, but were stumped by Team BOB in the 2nd round.

For the new format of the Schmoedown, Schnepp and Robert Meyer Burnett collaborate to create Team Heroes. They won their first match against Wolves of Steel, but lost their second against Team Patriots. After missing a match against Superhero News due to an injury (John Campea stepped in to take his place), Schnepp returned to Heroes by defeating Team Trek in their fourth match.

After Robert Meyer Burnett betrayed The Horseman and joined the Lions Den, Schnepp fired Burnett from the Heroes and teamed up with Hector Navarro.

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