Dan Murrell is the former singles Schmoedown belt holder. He is also a critic and writer for Screen Junkies.

Match HistoryEdit


Date Competitor Outcome Notes
3/25/16 John Campea Win by TKO
5/20/16 Scott Mantz Win by TKO
7/8/16 Mark Reilly  Win Championship Match
8/26/16 Clarke Wolfe Win by TKO Championship Match
12/23/16 Mark Ellis Win Championship Match

2016 Schmoedown Spectacular

2/17/17 John Rocha  Loss Championship Match
4/14/17 Loss 2017 Free 4 All
7/7/17 Mark Reilly (II)

John Rocha (II)

Win Championship Match

2017 Collider Collision

7/7/17 Samm Levine Win Championship Match

2017 Collider Collision

9/15/17 Kristian Harloff Loss Championship Match

Teams MatchesEdit

"Team Champs"

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
8/27/15 B-Team (CobbsterAce Cabrera & Cody Hall) Win
9/24/15 Top 10 (John Rocha & Matt Knost) Loss

"Screen Junkies"

Date Competitor Outcome Notes
4/4/17 Team Collider (Kristian Harloff & John Rocha) Loss