The 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown is the fifth Ultimate Schmoedown set to be held at the ColliderVideos YouTube channel It features 16 of the Schmoedown's top competitors in a tournament that will give the winner a title shot against Kristian Harloff at the 2017 Schmoedown Spectacular.


Fatal Five-WayEdit

Date Favorite Underdog Final Score Outcome

Scott Mantz (2-3)

Eliot Dewberry (1-2)

Jason Inman (1-2)

Robert Meyer Burnett (0-0)

Ben Bateman (0-0)

12-10-16-13-13 Jason Inman wins the five-way


Dates Favorite Underdog Score Winner
9/26/2017 Jeff Sneider (4-3) Matt Knost (2-2)
9/29/2017' Mike Kalinowski (2-1) Josh Macuga (7-7)
10/3/2017 Drew McWeeny (3-1) JTE (5-6)
10/6/2017 William Bibbiani (3-2) Samm Levine (3-4)
10/10/2017 Marc Andreyko (2-1) Rachel Cushing (1-0)
10/13/2017 Clarke Wolfe (5-3) Brianne Chandler (1-1)
10/17/2017 Mark Ellis (5-3) Stacy Howard (1-0)
10/20/2017 John Rocha (6-4) Jason Inman (2-2)




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