The Schmoedown Spectacular II is a big Event in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown competition. This event features 6 matches including 4 championship matches. It was held on December 22, 2017 and the last match of Season 4 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.


Category Favorite Underdog Final Score Outcome Notes
Singles None Tom Dagnino (0-2)

Ricky Hayberg (0-0)
Jay Washington (0-1)
Emma Fyffe (0-0)

16-5-12-18 Fyffe wins the four way Manager Bowl

(Winner gets to give anyone in their faction a #1 Contender match)

Innergeekdom Hector Navarro (2-1) Jason Inman (2-1) 23-24 Inman claims the belt Championship Match
Star Wars Ken Napzok (1-0) Sam Witwer (1-1) 46-47 Witwer claims belt Championship Match

(30-minute Iron Man Match)

Team Patriots (JTE & Jeff Sneider) (7-0) Above the Line (Samm Levine & Drew McWeeny) (4-0) 33-32 Patriots retain Championship Match
Team Team Action (Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai) (5-2) Top 10 (John Rocha & Matt Knost) (7-4) 12-22 Top 10 wins by TKO #1 Contender's Match

(If Team Action wins they earn a title match and Top 10 can't compete for a year. If Top 10 wins they get a #1 Contender's Match)

Singles Kristian Harloff (8-3) Samm Levine (7-4) 7-15 Levine claims the belt Championship Match