The 2017 Collider Collision will be a big event in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown competition. This event will feature 4 matches. It was held on July 7, 2017.


Category Favorite Underdog Final Score Outcome Notes
Tag Team Rotten Tomatoes (Matt Atchity & Grae Drake) (4-2) Nerd's Watch (Ken Napzok & Rachel Cushing (2-0) 25 - 23 Rotten Tomatoes defeats Nerds Watch #1 Contender's Match
Inner Geekdom Hector Navarro (1-1) Jeremy Jahns (2-1) 29 - 26 Navarro defends belt
Singles Kristian Harloff (6-3) Jeff Sneider (4-2) 21 - 18 Harloff defeats Sneider #1 Contender's Match
Singles Mark Reilly (9-3)

Dan Murrell (5-1)

John Rocha (6-3)

26 - 22 - 13 Murrell reclaims belt

Championship Match

Triple Threat Match

Singles Dan Murrell (6-1) Samm Levine (3-3) 26 - 23 Murrell defends belt Championship Match

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