The 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown was the first innagural Ultimate Schmoedown and was being held at the Schmoes Know Youtube channel . It featured 16 competitors in 15 week long tournament. The tournament was for the Singles Championship Belt.


ROUND ONE 6 questions, all worth 1 point are asked to both competitors from six pre determined categories. The six question are different for each competitor. No stealing allowed.

ROUND TWO Each competitor picks a category, if the competitor does not want to answer fro the first picked category, he or she may choose to pick again. The second picked category has to be answered from. Each competitor gets four question, worth 1 point each. Stealing is allowed.

Round THREE The betting round also known as the jeopardy round. 1 question from a specific category. The competitors most choose how many points they are willing to bet.


Last 16Edit

Date Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
7/10/2014 Katee Sackhoff (0-0) Ken Napzok (0-0) 2-11 Napzok
7/17/2014 Mark Reilly (0-0) Alicia Malone (0-0) 10-4 Reilly by KO
7/31/2014 Bonnie Somerville (0-0) Josh Macuga (0-0) 8-9 Macuga
8/7/2014 Mark Ellis (0-0) Cobbster (0-1) 4-0 Ellis
8/14/2014 Grae Drake (0-0) Navid Mcllhargey (0-0) 2-1 Drake
8/21/2014 Tiffany Smith (0-0) Finstock (0-0) 0-6 Finstock
8/28/2014 JTE (1-0) The Kid (0-0) 9-8 JTE in SD
9/4/2014 Kristian Harloff (0-0) Cody Hall (0-0) 11-0 Harloff by KO


Date Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
9/11/2014 Mark Reilly (1-0) Grae Drake (1-0) 10-0 Reilly by KO
9/18/2014 Mark Ellis (1-0) JTE (2-0) 11-14 JTE
9/25/2014 Kristian Harloff (1-0) Finstock (1-0) 9-4 Harloff by KO
10/2/2014 Ken Napzok (1-0) Josh Macuga (1-0) 4-14 Macuga


Date Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
10/9/2014 Mark Reilly (2-0) JTE (3-0) 6-0 Reilly
10/16/2014 Kristian Harloff (2-0) Josh Macuga (2-0) 10-12 Macuga


Date Favorite Underdog Final Score Winner
10/23/2014 Mark Reilly (3-0) Josh Macuga (3-0) 14-12 Reilly

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